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jasdeep singh, ct, cannabis, SAFE Act, UConnThe SAFE Act – Banking Safety for Cannabis/Hemp Businesses

The cannabis industry is a multibillion dollar sector that is quickly growing and diversifying. Without proper banking access, businesses are being choked off and facing instability instead of receiving resources to thrive. The SAFE Act can change this!


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3 Methodologies Every EdTech Company, and Educator, Should Know!

There are constant conversations about how students must enhance their learning and skills, but not enough attention is paid to the effective methods that educators can employ, or the role ED Tech companies can play.

Jasdeep Singh
I am an MBA-candidate at the University of Connecticut with years of experience as an educator and organizational leader. This journey of learning as well as my many professional roles has led me to learn as much about business as possible to become a successful start-up and small business consultant.
Research and listening to my clients serve as the basis for my approach. Business owners are busy people who have a lot on the line and it is my job to be a partner for growth. This work has led me to learn how to quickly breakdown complex topics into clear and focused points of discussion in finance, marketing, and overall strategy.

All of my reading and listening led me to this website. My goal is to share information with readers that hopefully interest them, are easy to read, but also thought provoking.



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Jasdeep Singh

West Hartford, Connecticut

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